5 Proven Strategies for Encouraging Your Customers to Share Their Wins

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By Jenn Monaghan 

Let's face it, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their wins. 

It might feel forced. It might feel self-indulgent. It might feel like you’re taking your win and parading it around for all to see. Sharing a win can feel a little... awkward.

Unless we're talking to our nearest and dearest, we tend to keep all of the awesome things we do inside — sort of like a best-kept secret we're eager to share.  

So, we've changed the way we approach the whole testimonial and review game in our biz. 

Instead of asking our customers for testimonials, we encourage them to share their customer journey. When they've reached a milestone in their business—big or small— we warmly invite them to tell us more about their win. 

I suppose what we're saying is: we open the door to a brag-friendly environment. 

We want our members to feel safe sharing their wins. We want our members to feel comfortable saying 'wow, I actually did the thing and I'm really proud of myself!" 

After all, don’t we all deserve a pat on the back at least sometimes? 

Let’s normalize sharing wins—and while we're at it—let's make it easy for our customers to do the same. We're sharing five all-too-simple, why-didn’t-we-think-of-it-first ways to encourage our customers to share their wins.

Give your customers a place to share their wins 

One of your customers is over the moon about a recent win — they just sold the last spot in their membership and it’s all thanks to your course. 

They want to tell the rest of the world just how awesome your course is and prove that it actually works. But they’re not sure how…

If you really want to celebrate your customers’ wins, you’ve gotta give them a place to do it. 

Try setting up a Facebook group for your offer. Whether you have a course, a fitness product, or a service — you want to provide an official space for your customers to share their wins. (And if you don’t want as much maintenance, you can set up a Messenger Chat or a WhatsApp group instead!) 

This space is an awesome place for your customers to engage with yourself, one another, and share their wins. It’s also a simple way to build momentum and generate excitement for the rest of your customers.

Build check-ins into your customer journey

One of the biggest mistakes we make in business is ignoring the journey. 

Instead, we check in with our customers when they’ve finished with our product and ask for a review. If you really want to get to know the customer experience, you’ve gotta check in throughout the customer journey. 

Ask them why they bought your offer. Check in to see how they’re doing at the mid-point. Celebrate the small wins they've experience along the way. 

These are the real, behind-the-scenes glimpses into how our customers are feeling. 

Remember, it’s not just about showcasing that shiny review in the end. It’s about highlighting the journey along the way and why it was so awesome.

Use video to learn more about a win

Did one of your customers just share an awesome win? 

Whether it’s a big win or a small win, invite your customer to tell you more about their win. This is where you’ll get that real-life, detailed glimpse into what took place. 

Inside Social Proof Magic, we teach our audience how to use simple video software to learn more about their customers’ wins. 

It’s simple, it’s tech-friendly and it feels really up close and personal. This is an awesome way to celebrate your customers’ wins from day one

P.S. Don’t be shy! Remember that your customers enjoy talking about their wins — they feel proud of themselves and they’re genuinely excited to share their accomplishments with you.

Don't ignore the small wins 

What about the little guys? 

Far too often, we focus on the big wins that our customers share — like making $1000 in the first couple hours of a product release or selling hundreds of tickets to their first-ever masterclass. 

But, what about the little wins? 

You know — like connecting with a new customer and having a really insightful conversation. Or, recording your first video and uploading it onto your sales page. 

These are awesome wins that deserve the same acknowledgment as the big wins. 

If you really want to make your customers feel comfortable in sharing their wins, celebrate the small wins just as much as you celebrate the big wins.

Make it about them, not you 

Asking our customers to share their wins isn’t about us, it’s about them

We don’t want to encourage our customers to share their journeys for our own benefit. If that’s the key motivation, our customers are going to see right through us. 

Just like that, the whole thing begins to feel a little icky — not exactly the vibe we're aiming for. 

Instead, make it all about your customer. Show your customer how excited you are to celebrate their win—big or small—and reward them with the applause they deserve. 

Honestly, it’s that simple. 

Remember, the best social proof isn’t about our business at all — it’s about our customers and how our offer helped them do the thing.

We can wait around all day for our customers to spontaneously share their wins. 

Or we can make it easy for our customers to share their wins in a space that feels easy, safe, and inviting. 

Invite your customers to share a tiny win. Use video to learn more about your customers’ wins. Check in with your customers throughout their journey instead of waiting until the end. 

It’s our job to foster a culture of celebration.