6 Reasons Workshops and Courses Are a Match Made in Digital Heaven

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By Jenn Monaghan 

Have you spent months (maybe even years) building the online course of your dreams? 

When it comes to pricing, you probably want to land on a price that matches your time investment — maybe this is $1500, maybe this is $3000. 

We're firm believers that courses often justify higher price points. After all, there's a lot of time and energy goes into launching an awesome course. 

The only problem?

Spending a pretty penny on a faceless course can feel risky for your buyers. Even if your course sounds wildly enticing, asking a cold audience to fork out that kind of cash is tough. In some circumstances, it might even sound their BS alarm… 

This is why catching people's attention with a low-cost workshop can be so helpful. They’re low cost, they’re easy to build, and they pave a golden pathway to the end product — your course. 

If you’re looking to drum up clients for your course, consider this a letter from us to you. We’re sharing six reasons every course creator needs a Mini Workshop.

Let’s dig in, friends. 

A Mini Workshop can catch the attention of your target audience (at a low cost!) 

Earning a new customer at $1500 can be a steep climb. 

If your audience can’t put a face to your name, reaching for their credit card probably won’t happen. When it comes to high-ticket products, people are guarded with their money.

Let’s take our membership, for example. 

Even if our top-tier membership sounded awesome in theory, a cold audience probably wouldn’t hop in without knowing who we are and what we do. At a few hundred bucks a month, it might feel too risky. 

Our key to overturning this roadblock was to launch a Mini Workshop at the front end of our membership. With this workshop, we could help our audience get real results at an entry-level pricepoint — just $27.

When we invite them to join our membership, they’ve already gained tremendous value from our workshop — it becomes a much easier ask. 

The same can be said for your course. 

A Mini Workshop can help to position you as an expert in your niche

People of the internet aren’t always willing to take a course from just anyone

If they’re serious about investing their money into a course, they want to know that the course creator is the real deal — you know, like, an expert in the field. 

Now, let’s touch on something really obvious: there’s a lot of competition out there...

…If you search internet marketing guru for hire, you’re going to be hit with thousands upon thousands of experts for hire. And, you guessed it, everyone’s claiming to be the best of the best. 

Of course, competing with the top dogs in any industry isn't easy.

But, there are simple steps we can all take to establish ourselves as a knowledgeable face in our field. With a 90-minute workshop, you can share just a sliver of your expertise with the world.

Think of it as a valuable glimpse into your work at an entry-level price. 

A Mini Workshop can excite your audience with a quick win 

Who doesn’t love a quick win? 

If you really want to get your audience in the right mindset before taking your course, you need to set them up for success. 

Here’s the thing: when we experience even a small slice of success, we feel more inclined to move on with the next step. When it comes to the Mini Workshop formula, your course will serve as the next step. 

In your workshop, you can set your audience up for a quick win — maybe you help them set up their email automation platform, or maybe you teach them how to create an outline for their sales pitch. 

When your attendees leave your workshop having checked something off their to-do list, the thought of taking your course no longer feels daunting. Instead, it might even feel kind of exciting. 

A Mini Workshop can paint a picture of your teaching abilities 

In taking your Mini Workshop, your audience gets a glimpse into what it’s like to work with you — they get to know your background, your teaching style, and generally who you are as a person. 

Let’s say you knock your workshop out of the park. 

When your course becomes available, signing up won’t feel as risky for your workshop attendees. After all, they now know firsthand that you hold valuable information and that your teaching style resonates with them. 

No longer are you a faceless internet stranger trying to sell something — you’re a valued instructor. 

A Mini Workshop can be launched and delivered in a couple of weeks 

Of course, every workshop timeline is going to be different. 

We’ve launched simple workshops that we put together in under a week. We’ve also launched more complicated workshops that have taken more time — sometimes up to a few months.

If you keep things simple, you can get your Mini Workshop into the world in a week or so.  

In our Launch It challenge, we helped our participants validate and launch their workshops in under two weeks. In following our simple steps and armed with fierce motivation, it proved to be an achievable goal. 

All this to say, launching a Mini Workshop doesn’t have to be a huge investment in your time. 

A Mini Workshop can be sold as a bump, upsell, or freebie to your course 

Let’s get a little creative for this last one. 

We all know that a workshop makes for a solid front-end product. But what if you wanna squeeze just a little more out of your workshop recording? 

This is where we introduce you to our three fine friends: the bump, the upsell, and the freebie. A fearless crew, these friends know how to take any offer to the next level. 


We’ve seen a ton of awesome course creators sell their workshop as a bump on their course. We’ve also seen a workshop packaged as a freebie for anyone who purchases their bigger products — a course, a membership, a 1:1 coaching session. 

Once you wrap up your live workshop and make it evergreen, you’ve got an incredible asset at your disposal. 

Ever heard of the saying better together? 

Just like peanut butter and jelly, a Mini Workshop pairs perfectly with a course. While both are pretty solid on their own, we all know that they're better together. 

Yup, it's a digital marketing love story for the ages.