7 Reasons Workshops Aren’t Just About Cash Flow

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By Jenn Monaghan 

Mini Workshops are an easy way to bring in cash. 

You don't have to leave your house. You transform your expertise onto a few dozen slides. You connect with people all over the world who are interested in your niche. 

This is why so many people turn to mini workshops in the first place — they're eager to create more passive income in their business. 

And hey, we're the same — we've used Mini Workshops as a means of generating revenue for our own business. 

But we want to let you in on a little secret... Mini Workshops aren't just about cash flow. 

A Mini Workshop can do so many things for your business — bring you your first real client, help you sell tickets to your VIP day, and become a product you can reference to highlight your expertise. 

While your immediate goal may be to generate cash flow, your Mini Workshop can do so much more than that. 

So, we asked our members one simple question...

Aside from cash flow, how has your Mini Workshop helped serve your business? Let's see what they say. 

My Mini Workshop helped create social proof for my business

If you’re just starting out in your business, you’re probably not flushed with testimonials.

Sure, you may have an awesome product or service. But if no one is telling the world just how awesome it is, it can make for a slower start. 

For Nicole, her mini workshop helped to get the word out about her awesome business. Once she began to collect this social proof, she could proudly display it for prospective clients to see:

"My Mini Workshop helped me get more social proof and testimonials to use for social media, website, sales page, and promotions." -Nicole DiCristofaro 

My Mini Workshop helped me attract my ideal clients (and allow them to "try" me out!) 

Before diving headfirst into your high ticket offer, your clients may want to get to know you a little first. 

The thing is, most people aren’t willing to invest their hard-earned money into someone or something they don’t know — there’s just too much risk involved. 

This is why it’s so helpful to catch the attention of your audience with a low-risk offer. This gives them a chance to get to know you and your business — think of it as giving your client a preview of your work. 

This is exactly what Marla came to realize after running her first Mini Workshop. On top of her direct revenue, Marla got so much more:

"My first Mini Workshop made me realize it's not about the workshop itself (and the direct revenue from it). The MW is a stellar way to attract qualified, paying clients and have them "try to me" in a low-risk way. It also generated desire in workshop participants to continue working with me, feeding additional revenues streams. The end result from my first workshop = 2X workshop sales revenue. And that's just the beginning!" -Marla Mac

My Mini Workshop helped expand my teaching power

Not everyone can afford your high-ticket offerings—and that’s perfectly okay. 

The good news is that you can still help these clients on a smaller scale. With a Mini Workshop, you can package your expertise into a more cost-effective product. This can help to broaden your network of buyers and open a window of opportunity for the future. 

Just like Twist, expanding your network can lead to all sorts of awesome opportunities down the road: 

"My Mini Workshops have given other people an affordable way to work with me that's not high ticket. They have broadened my network, opened doors to new speaking opportunities, and given me back something COVID took away: really being with groups of people in meaningful ways — almost like being live at a conference." -Twist 

My Mini Workshop helped me support my audience between launches

Keeping your audience engaged on a routine basis doesn’t always come easily. 

When life gets busy or you’re focused on your next launch, making your audience feel seen and heard can be super challenging. 

For Natalie, her Mini Workshop is a simple way to support her audience between launches. This way, she can keep her people in her world and not have to stress that she’s ignoring them:

"My Mini Workshop gives me a way to support people who are waiting for my next launch...without taking any extra time from my focus on my members" -Natalie Masson

My Mini Workshop introduced me as an expert in my niche

You can have all the expertise in the world...

But without a platform to showcase this expertise, your expertise may very well go to waste. 

For Cody, his Mini Workshop was a simple and awesome platform for him to share his expertise with the world. With a simple Mini Workshop, Cody found a way to position himself as an industry expert in his niche:

"My Mini Workshop helped others see me as an expert in a niche topic and led to more done-for-you clients." -Cody Burch 

My Mini Workshop helped me showcase my experience in a fun environment 

While we’re no stranger to the pre-zoom jitters, we genuinely enjoy hosting Mini Workshops.

It feels good to teach something that you’re passionate about and truly feel like you’re helping people. Once you get past that initial stage fright, you’re gonna find yourself in the groove and truly enjoy the moment — trust us!  

This is a special opportunity for your audience to see you teach your craft in a fun and easygoing environment. This is unlike a webinar where there’s typically less engagement and a sales pitch at the end. 

For Kelly, she felt that her Mini Workshop allowed her to connect with her audience in a way that felt simple and fun to her:

"My Mini Workshop was the way I reached people I already knew to let them know what I do in a fun, helpful, non-salesy way and they turned out to be ideal clients for my premium programs!" -Kelly Rudolph

My Mini Workshop introduced me to the online world

If your business is new to the online world,  the platforms and lingo can be pretty overwhelming. 

This is why starting small is so critical. 

It gives you the chance to validate your product or service and map out your platforms before diving in headfirst. When you do get into the serious stuff (selling a course, a membership, a done-for-you-service) you’ll be well versed in how to conduct your biz. online. 

For Kevin, his Mini Workshop was the perfect segway into the online world. 

Unlike a course or a program, this was a much more safe and more reliable means to starting a business online.

"As a complete beginner to the online business space, a Mini Workshop was the perfect first venture into learning about offers, marketing, and delivering a product. It's opened the doors to so many other possibilities and it was the perfect challenge to risk ratio for a beginner." -Kevin Shah 

A Mini Workshop can be so many things.

Whether you're looking to establish yourself in a new niche, support your audience between launches or create social proof for your business, a Mini Workshop can do it all.