8 Tips if You’re Struggling to Launch Your First Workshop

mini workshop

By Jenn Monaghan 

You’ve watched Mini Workshop Magic, and you’re excited to launch your first workshop. 

You’re eager to use your workshop as a funnel to your membership. And you’ve seen how a workshop can help to create passive income in your biz. 

The only problem?

You just can’t get that dang Mini Workshop out the door — your excitement is palpable, but something is holding you back. 

We’re gonna give it to ya straight: your first Mini Workshop is bound to be the hardest — there’s no denying that learning a new skill and putting yourself out there can be challenging. But once your first workshop is out in the world, the path forward will be so much easier. 

If you’re stuck and feeling uncertain, this one’s for you. We’re outlining eight super practical ways to speed up the timeline of your workshop launch. 

The time is now, friends! 

Resist the urge to make your workshop perfect 

Plain and simple, your first workshop isn’t going to be perfect.

And if we’re being honest…you don’t want your first workshop to be perfect. You want to learn from your mistakes and work towards an even better version of your workshop and your back-end offer. 

If you’re a self-professed perfectionist, just remember that you can improve your workshop down the road. Before you spend countless hours perfecting your workshop, you want to validate that this is the right workshop for your audience. 

Once you have validated your workshop, you can slowly but surely start to iterate and improve your workshop. 

Make your workshop low-tech 

Who said that your first workshop has to have all the bells and whistles? 

If you’re not a tech-forward person, there’s no reason for your first workshop should be. 

Do yourself a favor and keep it simple — resist the urge to learn new software or download any complicated programs. Striving for a high-tech version of your workshop is only going to delay your workshop further.

Just like Sarah tells us: 

“Put your workshop copy on a Google doc, use a PayPal link, host it with just a simple Zoom room. You don't need Kajabi. Upload the replay to Dropbox or Google drive.” 

As you gain more experience in launching a workshop, you can slowly begin to add new layers of tech.

Sell your workshop with a simple checkout page

You don’t need a fancy sales page to sell tickets to your first Mini Workshop. 

While a sales page is a helpful platform to display workshop details and share social proof, it can be time-consuming. You don’t want to spend hours creating a sales page for a workshop that may or may not work out. 

Save yourself some time and start with a simple checkout page — this can easily be done on a Google Doc where you can include a summary of your workshop, the time and date, and a link to payment. 

Consider your first workshop a test 

Repeat after us: my workshop isn’t going to define my business. 

When you think of your first workshop as a test, putting yourself out there will feel much less daunting. Remember, your workshop is the first step to validate your workshop topic, determine areas of improvement, and gauge what your audience wants from you. 

If you don’t take that first step, you’re never going to find yourself on the other side. 

Don't fixate on ticket sales 

If you have a smaller audience or you’re testing out a new niche, it’s only natural to worry about your ticket sales. 

In these moments, remember that there’s power in having a small audience. 

You can connect more personally with your attendees in a way that isn’t possible with a larger audience. When it comes to inviting these attendees into your backend offer, you can cater your offer to their specific needs.

Here are some simple ways to personalize your workshop to a smaller group of attendees: 

  • Connect with each attendee before your workshop to ask if there’s anything they’re particularly excited to learn about 
  • After your workshop, brainstorm a handful of personalized backend offers (a VIP day, a 1-1 deep dive into your topic, a done-for-you service, a 30-minute feedback session) to suit each attendee
  • Use a tool such as Video Ask on Bonjoro to send personalized audio/video messages to each attendee
  • Create a pop-up group for your attendees before and after your workshop (you can encourage your attendees to share their wins, voice any questions, and engage with one another) to provide added support 

Get creative in working with what you have and use it to your advantage — small is a superpower.

Remember that your audience needs your help

Thinking of delaying the launch of your first workshop? 

We get it — sometimes life gets in the way. Just like that, your timeline has shifted from next week to sometime in the next few months. 

It’s easy to find ourselves in a dangerous cycle of postponement. In these moments, it may be helpful to think of your workshop in terms of helping your people instead of making a sale. 

The longer you delay your workshop, the longer that your audience will have to go without your help. When you’re personally invested in delivering results, you’re going to feel more inclined to launch your workshop. 

Stop consuming so much information

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of information out there. 

Even inside of Sale-A-Day, there’s no shortage of content — we have videos, templates, worksheets, and an abundance of lessons. But it’s important to understand that this content isn’t meant to be consumed all at once. 

When you subject yourself to an overload of information, it’s hard to progress past that first step. Just like Sarah says: 

“We can stay in planning mode all day long. You can watch the launch video 1,000,00 times. You can go through the worksheet and ask for tons of feedback on different ITAPS and different workshop topics. You can stay stuck in this brainstorming mode forever waiting for the magical spark to hit you.” 

It’s time to put your blinders on — start with the Live Launch Track and focus on delivering your first workshop. Once you’ve completed this step, you can allow yourself to dig deeper into the remaining content. 

Proceed without a backend offer

Don’t let the fear of an unknown backend offer hold you back from delivering your workshop. 

We have so many awesome members who have launched their Mini Workshops before settling on a backend offer. In fact, some of our members don’t have a backend offer at all — and they’ve sold hundreds (and even thousands!) of tickets to their workshop. 

The thing is, your attendees will give you insight into what a helpful “next step” would be. This gives you the unique opportunity to create a more personalized backend offer for your attendees. 

Your first workshop isn't going to be perfect—and it doesn't have to be. 

So, go on, take that first step to launch your workshop and help your people.