Creating an irresistible backend offer: a conversation with Christina

success story

After joining Sale-A-Day in September, Christina hit the ground running. She launched her Mini Workshop, delivered to a live audience of 36 people, and get this, sold over $130K on the backend. Christina shares how she kept the process simple, why fostering deep connections with your audience is so critical, and the secret behind creating an irresistible offer.

Location: Germany and Croatia 
Business: High Class Hippie®
Mini Workshop: Funnel Building
Website: Christina Baier

Meet Christina. 

Christina lives in Europe and splits her time between Germany and Croatia.

She lives with her husband, two pups and she’s a self-professed caffeine addict. When it comes to her work, she's a multi-passionate creative junkie — she’s a writer, a coach/mentor, and a digital course creator.

In her first business, Christina offers mentoring/coaching and online education. With her 1:1 mentoring program, she helps high-performing artists and coaches achieve their next “impossible” goal. 

In her second business, she offers mindset and marketing education for female High Class Hippies  — one of her most coveted brands.

Christina joined Sale-A-Day in September of 2021  

In striving to create more freedom in her business, Christina knew that Sale-A-Day would be a natural fit. After all, she'd always had a deep-rooted passion for digital marketing and freedom.

While Christina was happy with her business, there were some changes she was eager to tackle—namely her client load. 

“I was maxed out with one-on-one clients and I cut it off down to only five clients maximum. I didn’t want to work one-on-one so much.” 

For Christina, the idea of moving toward more group work was intriguing. She loved that a Mini Workshop would allow her to serve multiple people at once and slowly shy away from working one-on-one. 

When it came to her first workshop, she knew exactly what she wanted to focus on: funnel building. 

A few days after joining, Christina got to work on launching her funnel workshop

In the beginning, launching such a condensed, pre-planned workshop came as a challenge to Christina.

In the past, she was used to creating multi-day courses/ masterclasses and teaching freestyle. With a Mini Workshop, Christina knew she would have to push herself outside of her comfort zone. 

“Preparing for my workshop really was out of my comfort zone. There were four, or five or six times during the preparation that I thought…oh geez, I’m going to stop this…” 

Christina pushed through these challenges and stuck to the plan. She knew that she didn’t want to cut any corners or stray from the implementation strategy — she wanted to follow the formula as it was laid out. 

It was time to facilitate the perfect funnel 

For Christina, her Mini Workshop wasn't just about generating ticket sales. 

She wanted her workshop to act as a natural lead-in to her bigger offers: a high-level group program and a coaching business. This is where Christina's funnel magic would come into play. 

“ I was attracted by the offer and the message of Mini Workshops. I immediately saw the immense potential of it — especially if it comes to creating a strong tiny offer as a springboard for upsells that can be automated.” 

It was all about creating that perfect funnel with an easy 'yes' from the very beginning. 

Unlike a free product, Christina loved that Mini Workshop would help her track the fast action takers instead of the freebie-seekers. 

But first, Christina wanted to set the stage for an awesome workshop

Here's the thing: Christina is a big believer in the notion of community — she knows that the key to a strong offer lies in creating a strong community. 

So a few days before her workshop began, Christina opened a pop-up group and invited her workshop attendees to join. She wanted to create a space for her workshop attendees to engage, get to know one another, and share their wins. 

“I opened a pop-up [Facebook] group 4 days before the Mini Workshop date. People could connect with each other and me and share the results of the pre-work.”

Because Christina had given her attendees some pre-work, many attendees had already started getting results. Even before the workshop began, Christina's attendees were excited, engaged, and ready to dive headfirst into her teachings. 

Come October, it was time to deliver her workshop 

Christina priced her workshop at 144 euros (99 euros early bird) and ran it just once. 

Of all 56 registrants, 35 showed up live. And—despite being 3 hours in length—nearly 60% of her attendees stayed to the very end. For such an extensive workshop, Christina was thrilled with these numbers. 

In introducing the element of gamification, Christina's attendees could earn points by sharing their action steps, posting results, and showcasing their wins. Just like that, Christina's pop-up Facebook group was exploding with excitable engagement. 

After delivering her workshop, Christina moved on to her next step: presenting an irresistible offer 

The day after her workshop, Christina went live in her pop-up group. 

She introduced her high-end up group program and invited her attendees to join. In her offer, she gave the option of two different service levels: a 10k offer and a 20k offer. To create a sense of urgency, Christina went one step further with her invitation...

“ I made my offer irresistible for 3 days." 

By incorporating a deadline funnel timer into her sales page, Christina's attendees knew it was in their best interest to act quickly. Once the timer went off, the offer would no longer be available. 

In just 3 days, Christina generated over $130k in sales 

She didn’t send out any emails, she didn’t hop on any sales calls and she didn’t chase after her attendees. Nope. Nadda. 

All of the communication happened inside of her pop-up group. When she invited her audience to continue working with her, she wanted her offers to feel like a no-brainer — something her audience wouldn't second-guess. 

“If you know your audience and you know what you teach, it’s really easy to create something they say ‘yes’ to — especially after a successful Mini Workshop.” 

Big or small, Christina believes that the power of a good offer lies in creating something that’s an easy ‘yes’ to your audience— it should be a simple decision for all parties. By the time her offer expired, Christina was overwhelmed with the response: sales generating over $130k.

Just as she had intended from the start, Christina had succeeded in creating the perfect funnel for her high-ticket offers. 

What’s coming up next for Christina? 

Looking into the future, Christina certainly isn’t ruling out the possibility of a second Mini Workshop. 

Once she has her first workshop on evergreen, she’s going to shift her focus to launching her next workshop. As expected, her audience is hungry to hear what offers Christina has in the pipeline. 

With one workshop under her belt and an irresistible backend offer, Christina is this much closer to the freedom she dreams of in her business.