Starting Small and Dreaming Big: A Conversation With Kristy Wells

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By Jenn Monaghan

Kristy joined Sale-A-Day in August after hopping into The Challenge. Having taught online for the past five years, Kristy wanted to teach others how to build the foundations for doing the same. In her business,, Kristy helps online teachers beat tech overwhelm with simplified steps. Kristy walks us through her praise of doing things the simple way, launching an accessible workshop, and why less is often more in the workshop world. 

Location: Florida 
Latest Mini Workshop: Quick Canva Creations for Busy Online Educators

Meet Kristy 

Kristy lives in Florida — the sunshine state — with her husband and son. 

Originally from Australia, Kristy moved to Florida with dreams of simplifying her lifestyle and hitting the open road. And so they traded the comforts of space and a backyard for a rolling home on four wheels. 

Since Kristy began teaching online in 2017, her job has always been remote. So long as there’s a solid internet connection, Kristy can operate her business from virtually anywhere. These days, it’s usually from the family R.V. that Kristy runs her business —  

In, Kristy helps online educators beat tech overwhelm with simplified steps 

Kristy knows firsthand how overwhelming tech can be. 

As an online educator for the past five years, she’s dealt with her fair share of tech blips and intricate online systems. But what she’s learned over the years is that tech doesn’t have to be so overwhelming—even for self-professed technophobes. 

“As adults, we tend to think that everything has to be complicated — that’s just how life is. But it actually doesn’t need to be complicated.” 

In her business, Kristy teaches her audience how to set up their online business without feeling overwhelmed by tech. She achieves this by walking her clients through a series of simple steps to set up and run their online business. 

She also helps online teachers attract more students through the power of social media. 

With her sights set on launching a Mini Workshop, Kristy signed up for The Challenge in August 

The concept of using video to teach online wasn’t unchartered territory for Kristy.  

In fact, it was something she was inherently comfortable with — she’d taught workshops in the past long before the world turned online in 2020. In a sense, she was basically an online pro

When The Challenge rolled around, it caught Kristy’s attention almost immediately. She loved the idea of working with other workshop enthusiasts as a team and benefiting from an extra layer of accountability. 

“I felt more accountable as far as the timeline is concerned. I love doing things in a group — it’s always more fun and more energy.” 

Kristy loved the step-by-step process that was laid out for her. She also loved that when she hit an inevitable roadblock or wanted to dive into a brainstorming session, the community was there for her. 

As so, Kristy went full steam ahead on a workshop she’d contemplated for a while. 

This is where Kristy's workshop, Quick Canva Creations for Busy Online Educators, came to fruition 

Kristy planned to teach her clients how to create simple and timeless templates in Canva. With these templates, her clients could update their online presence with professional profile photos and banners. 

Making her workshop accessible to her community was also important. She wanted to ensure that she could help and support her audience without creating financial distress. 

“For a lot of the online teachers I’ve met — so many people from so many countries around the world — I wanted to make it easier for anyone to access my training.” 

And so, Kristy opted for a pay-what-you-can model above $4.99. She figured this price could be relatively affordable and, if someone so chose, they could add a small tip to show their appreciation. 

On August 17th, Kristy delivered her workshop live from her four wheels  

Going into her workshop delivery, Kristy knew that she wanted to keep it short and sweet. 

She didn’t want to overwhelm her audience with unnecessary details or steal too much of their time. Instead, she wanted to show her audience that creating designs in Canva could be timely and simple. 

All in all, Kristy’s workshop was a major success. Her audience was incredibly happy with the workshop material and, perhaps most importantly, Kristy genuinely enjoyed the delivery process. 

“My workshop went so well! I had so much fun!”  

Stepping away from her workshop, Kristy was thrilled with the testimonials she received. She loved reading about the transformations her audience made in such a short time — once intimidated by Canva, her audience agreed that the whole process now felt easy and approachable. 

With the goal of teaching her audience the art of simplicity, these testimonials warmed Kristy’s heart. (And inspired the idea for her next workshop!)  

Reflecting on her workshop experience, Kristy feels grateful for how painless it felt 

Above anything, Kristy knew that she wanted to keep the entirety of the workshop launch simple. 

After all, simplicity is something she admired about Sarah and Justin’s workshop approach from the get-go. And, unlike some workshops Kristy had run in the past, this workshop delivery felt good and simple. 

“This time I had everything ready. I felt confident and I felt comfortable… I actually enjoyed those couple of hours leading up to the workshop.” 

Kristy thoroughly enjoyed the whole workshop delivery from beginning to end. Her presentation was ready days in advance, she wasn’t consumed by fear, and she remained calm and level-headed throughout the entire workshop. 

With such a successful workshop delivery, Kristy feels motivated and excited to launch her next workshop. 

What’s coming up next for Kristy? 

Looking into the future, Kristy envisions plenty more workshops for herself. 

Almost like a menu, she dreams of launching a series of evergreen Mini Workshops that her audience can pick and choose from. She wants to offer small and simple training to her clients that feel approachable. 

Her goal is to continue teaching her clients how to set up the fundamentals of their online business without feeling overwhelmed. Kristy’s also caught the attention of a fellow Sale-A-Day member and they’re now discussing how to form a collaboration. 

Just as Kristy tells her own clients: “start small…dream big.”