Ditching the Launch Rollercoaster: A Conversation With Scott Paley

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By Jenn Monaghan 

After 20+ years of running a digital agency and 5+ years scaling a membership to over 5000 members, Scott felt ready to move on to the next phase of his career. He walks us through why big, flashy launches aren’t always a good thing, how he got involved in scaling memberships, and what it’s like to launch his very own membership alongside his wife, Sharon. 

Location: Baltimore, Maryland 
Business: Abstract Edge and Evergreen Edge Academy
Latest Mini Workshop: 1-Hour Evergreen Roadmap 

Meet Scott   

Scott lives in Baltimore with his wife, two children, and furry friends. 

For Scott, life is both busy and fulfilling. On top of being a family man, Scott balances his time between three businesses. When he’s not working, he loves traveling, reading, playing piano, singing, and tuning in to watch the New York Mets. 

In 2008, Scott took his business completely remote. He craved the locational freedom to work from anywhere. So, he and his partner cut ties with their traditional working life and transitioned online. 

Scott helps people achieve evergreen success in two ways: his digital agency and his membership 

In his digital agency, Abstract Edge, Scott strategizes, builds, and maintains evergreen funnels for membership owners. In his membership, Evergreen Edge Academy, Scott and Sharon train and support teams on how to go evergreen. 

It all started when Scott’s network began asking for support in growing their memberships. They’d witnessed the success Scott had with others and they wanted to same for their own membership sites. After orchestrating big launches, they found their members slowly began to trickle out in time — they were experiencing the launch plateau. 

“We started getting a lot of other membership owners coming up to ask and saying ‘okay, I’ve been stuck — how do I break out of this’?” 

This is how Scott got involved in teaching other membership site owners how to significantly grow their membership — and avoid the launch plateau. Sooner or later, Scott began pondering the idea of using Mini Workshops to feed his new membership venture. 

It was game time. 

This is how Scott’s workshop, 1-Hour Evergreen Roadmap, was born 

In this workshop, Scott would teach his participants how to map out a clear and profitable evergreen marketing strategy for their membership business. 

This workshop wasn’t intended for beginners — it was fit for seasoned membership site owners who strove to take their membership to the next level. Scott wanted to teach his clients how to add tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring revenue to their bottom line. 

“The workshop helped people map out for themselves what they need to do our process successfully.” 

During this workshop, Scott wouldn’t be holding anything back. In fact, he was willing to give away many of the best-kept secrets he’d learned over the last few decades.

He made his workshop promise clear: in one hour, his participants would walk away with a clear strategy on how to set up an evergreen webinar funnel. This funnel would help them welcome new members on a routine basis and help to grow in-between launches. 

Scott delivered 1-Hour Evergreen Roadmap on August 31st, 2022

Scott didn’t want to set his expectations too high — this was his first Mini Workshop and his new membership wasn’t technically ready. 

While he’s hoped to sell 14-20 tickets (at $75), he was thrilled to sell 30. All of his participants (save for one who had another appointment) stayed until the very end of the workshop and were enthralled from beginning to end. 

During the workshop, Scott pitched an offer to his participants that wasn’t quite ready. But, he wanted to capitalize on their momentum and invite his participants to continue working with him. 

This is when Scott extended the invitation to join his and Sharon’s new membership, The Academy. For a founding member price of $97/month, they could get all of the help and support they needed to create a thriving evergreen membership. 

All in all, 20 out of the 30 workshop participants joined as founding members of The Academy 

Throughout his workshop, Scott alluded to The Academy on multiple occasions. 

He was also upfront about the fact that he would be making an invitation to join the membership — he didn’t want to catch his participants off guard. All in all, Scott was ecstatic with how many of his participants joined The Academy. 

“That was a stellar conversation rate — the workshop absolutely crushed it.” 

Scott’s goal was to make it a no-brainer to take that next step with him — he didn’t let the fact that he didn’t have a website or existing content hold him back. 

What’s coming up next for Scott, Sharon, and The Academy? 

Scott and Sharon now have 50 humans — and counting — inside The Academy. 

Thanks to word-of-mouth and their Mini Workshop, this membership is growing at a rapid rate. They love connecting with other membership owners and showing them the ropes of going evergreen and bidding farewell to launches. 

At the beginning of October, Scott and Sharon started rolling out the content and weekly coaching sessions inside their membership. Now, they’re looking forward to growing The Academy and helping successful business owners take their membership to the next level.