Expanding Your Reach With Mini Workshops: A Conversation With Josephine Hughes

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By Jenn Monaghan

Josephine joined Sale-A-Day in November of 2021 after hopping into the Launch It Challenge. As an impassioned counselor, she was excited to launch a workshop that would be of assistance to fellow counselors. She walks us through what drew her to this work in the first place, her decision to launch a counseling support membership, and how Mini Workshops have allowed her to expand her practices.

Location: The UK 
Business: Good Enough Counsellors 
Latest Mini Workshop: Make Your Profile Work 

Meet Josephine 

Josephine is a psychological therapist based in the UK — mostly in London. 

In addition to being a therapist, Josephine takes her practice on step further — she helps fellow therapists set up their practice and find the right clients. While they may have the necessary qualifications and a strong desire to help, finding clients has proven to be a difficult road for many therapists. 

Josephine saw this as a growing issue and she wanted to help. 

“All my counselors need is marketing. Once they get people in the room, they can help them. It’s just getting people through the door.” 

It pained Josephine to know that there was a disconnect between therapists and their clients. She wanted to bridge the gap in between and make it easier for therapists to find clients. 

Her goal was to help her clients build their confidence and showcase their unique set of skills. Looking into the future, they could find the courage and motivation to take action and start filling their calendar with clients who need their help. 

Josephine joined Sale-A-Day in November of 2021 

Josephine had hosted workshops and provided coaching services in the past. 

She loved knowing that she was helping fellow therapists and spreading the gift of therapy—something that meant a lot to her. Even so, she felt like she could fine-tune these practices and take her services to the next level. 

She also had a membership business (aimed at supporting fellow therapists) that she was eager to expand. After much thought, she realized that a workshop could be the perfect lead-in to her membership.

“I really needed a way to bring in new members. I was looking for a way to help people and, you know, actually earn some money.” 

If she could get more people into her membership, she could inch closer to her ultimate goal: helping fellow therapists and expanding the gift of therapy. 

When the Sale-A-Day team announced a workshop launching challenge, Josephine was all in. She knew this was the perfect time to launch her workshop and she felt eager to get started. 

Josephine hopped into The Challenge and got to work 

While Josephine had hosted workshops in the past, this time around felt different—more inspiring, in a way. 

She loved that The Challenge broke launching a workshop into small, doable steps. It helped to take the guesswork out of the equation, hold her accountable, and encourage her to get personal with her audience. 

“It’s the personal outreach that really makes such a difference. To have those one-on-one conversations with people means a lot, I think.” 

After posting her ITAP, Josephine thoroughly enjoyed the process of reaching out and having conversations with her audience. This was something she had rarely practiced in her past workshops and the whole sincerity of the experience really resonated with her. 

As it turns out, it resonated with her audience just as well. By the end of the launch phase, Josephine had stirred up plenty of interest in her upcoming workshop and she was ready for the next step: penciling in her workshop delivery dates.  

At the end of November, Josephine delivered her first live workshop 

She was incredibly pleased with how her first workshop went — she got rave reviews and a ton of overtly positive feedback from her attendees. 

After delivering her workshop, Josephine invited her attendees into a one-week implementation group on Facebook. In this group, she gave her attendees a task to complete each day and provided plenty of feedback and encouragement to inspire them to take action. 

“People got to know me and we got to build our relationship. They got to see me in action and I think that really helped me and gave me more confidence.” 

As the implementation group came to a close, Josephine offered for her attendees to join her membership. In the end, 5 attendees hopped into Josephine’s membership and she was thrilled. 

With how well her first workshop went, it was only a matter of time before Josephine delivered it again. 

After the first workshop delivery, Josephine wasn’t ready to slow down yet 

She loved her workshop and she was eager to continue running a similar version in the future. 

Like clockwork, Josephine kept the momentum high and delivered her second Mini Workshop in February. And, fast forward to the present day, Josephine has now launched five more iterations of this workshop. 

While she’ll admit that it’s not quite mini, she’s thrilled with the simple fact that it works. Knowing that it genuinely helps her audience brings her so much joy—and she loves hearing all of the incredible results her attendees are getting with her support. 

To Josephine, this was all the encouragement she needed to keep moving forward with her workshop. 

Reflecting on the past eight months, Josephine feels inspired by what she’s accomplished 

If you were to ask Josephine, she’d tell you that there’s no greater privilege in life than to help someone. 

After all, that’s why Josephine got into counseling in the first place — she has a passion for helping people and a deep sense of calm making her the perfect listening ear. And while she initially began her practice by serving clients, expanding her reach to therapists has been incredibly rewarding. 

“That’s the thing I’m proud about… to know that there are people out there who I’m giving them freedom because they’re earning money to do the work they love. I’ll say proud of that.” 

Josephine loves knowing that the therapists she works with are now out in the world changing—and even saving— people’s lives. This is why she continues to do what she does. 

What’s next for Josephine and Good Enough Counsellors? 

Looking into the future, Josephine is eager to continue her Mini Workshop journey. 

She’s open to experimenting with the Mini Workshop and membership formula and determining what works best — both for herself and her audience. 

On the side, she’s looking forward to serving the humans inside of her membership and providing them with the confidence and support they need to expand their practice. 

We feel lucky to be in the presence of Josephine. Knowing that she’s spreading her kindness and support to the world is a joy. We can’t wait to see how she expands her teachings even further. 

In the words of Josephine, “what a privilege it is to help people”.