A Balance Between Two Callings: A Conversation With Ashley Moon

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By Jenn Monaghan

Ashley Moon has been in business full-time for 11 years. During that time, she’s grown and nurtured her two businesses into what they are today: a reflection of who she is and what she’s passionate about. Ashley walks us through gaining clarity in her vision, balancing (and sometimes merging) her businesses, and launching her new membership.

Location: Los Angeles 
Business: Creatively Neat and Ash Moon 
Mini Workshops/website: Ashley Moon 

Meet Ashley 

Ashley lives in Los Angeles. 

She’s an artist, an activist, and an alchemist. She’s full of wonder, compassion, and she has a fierce motivation that's nearly impossible to beat. 

If you were to ask her, Ashley would let you know that she’s left and right-brained. (And she might let it slip that she’s a big fan of the magical arts.) When she’s not working her magic with the above, she’s running the show in her two businesses. 

Here’s the thing about Ashley: she’s not a one-trick-pony kinda gal. 

“People say that I’m an organizer, counselor, and coach all in one.” 

Having been in business full-time for 11 years, Ashley’s familiar with wearing a number of hats. As a result, her two businesses are the perfect combination of who she is and the gifts she has to offer. 

While Ashley’s businesses are mostly independent, they do merge from time to time. 

Ashley’s decluttering business is called Creatively Neat 

Inside of this business, she (and her team) help her clients declutter, organize and bring peace back into their homes. Whether it’s in-person or virtual, Ashley teaches her clients how to let go of the attachment they have to the past. 

To Ashley, this isn’t just about a physical transformation. 

“That’s why most people end up connecting with me — they realize that I have a lot more to do with the mental and emotional clutter underneath.” 

In helping her clients better organize their space, they also benefit from a mental shift — they feel more calm, confident, and ready to take their life to the next level. 

This physical and mental merge is exactly what Ashley strives for with every client she works with. 

Ashley's second business is called Ash Moon

In this side of her business, Ashley teaches her clients how to awaken their soul purpose. 

With 1:1 coaching, Tarot Card readings, and Akashic Record Soul sessions, Ashley works to heal and transform her clients from the inside out. With each client, her goal is to bring relief, clarity, guidance, and inspiration into their lives. 

Ashley conducts these sessions virtually. In doing so, she loves that she’s able to connect with people all over the world. 

With both businesses requiring her time and attention, Ashley felt like she doing too many things 

She felt tired. She felt like she was working too much. She felt like she wasn’t making enough time for herself. 

It was getting difficult to balance all of her business goals and to-do’s and she was unsure how everything fit together. She wanted to find a way to get things done efficiently without feeling lost and overwhelmed. 

“It felt like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall, doing too many things, and feeling unsure how they all fit together.” 

Before Covid hit, Ashley had taught many in-person workshops — from full moon circles to yoga. When the world went online, her workshops transitioned from in-person to virtual. 

As much as Ashley enjoyed leading her workshops, she felt they were lacking consistency — sometimes she would have one person show up, and sometimes she would have 10. 

Enter Mini Workshop Magic 

Ashley was browsing the internet when an ad for Mini Workshop Magic caught her attention. 

Compared to the digital marketing ads she had grown accustomed to seeing, this ad felt different — Sarah and Justin seemed like the real deal

She also loved that the workshops they taught were results-oriented. It wasn't just about selling hundreds of tickets to your workshop, it was about creating a next-step offer that your attendees couldn’t resist.  

Ashley knew that timing was on her side — it felt like the right moment in time to introduce something new into her business. 

Ashley purchased Mini Workshop Magic and dove in at full speed 

After purchasing Mini Workshop Magic, Ashley joined The Challenge. 

This was a two-week program that taught workshop newbies how to launch a Mini Workshop. This was just what she needed to get her workshop out the door in a timely manner. 

“The organized ‘done for you’ small steps approach and supportive community were exactly what I needed.”

Ashley loved that the challenge made it easy for her to follow along and stay accountable for her plans. With the support of the community, she launched her workshop in record time. 

In Ashley’s first Mini Workshop, she sold 22 tickets 

Of course, Ashley was pleased with her ticket sales. 

But her workshop was about so much more than that — it finally felt like she had clarity in the direction she was heading. 

“I see the light at the end of the tunnel and Sale-A-Day is a huge part of that.” 

Her path forward was illuminated and she had a whole series of new tools in her toolkit. 

She now knew how to create attention-grabbing headings, incorporate the right keywords and write a killer workshop description. She had also grown to understand what went into launching an offer with a bump and an upsell — something she had struggled with in the past. 

In January, Ashley launched her membership: Inner Outer Space School

She wanted to find a way to support her workshop attendees on a deeper and more personal level. 

Inside of her membership, she offers monthly masterclasses, coaching calls, co-working sessions, pop-up events, and a growing resource library. She strove to create a safe space for her members to connect, inspire and grow together — a space to remind her people just how magical they are. 

On top of that, Ashley has created a community of like-minded people who thrive on supporting, applauding, and holding one another accountable. 

Reflecting on the past several months, Ashley pays tribute to the power of community 

In just the span of only a few months, Ashley made incredible progress in her business — she delivered her first Mini Workshop, navigated the world of bumps and upsells, and launched her very own membership. 

Reflecting on everything she has accomplished, Ashley paid tribute to the Sale-A-Day community. 

“When something happens, I have a community to check in with — 20 heads come together rather than just mine.” 

This level of support meant everything to Ashley. 

She could turn to fellow members for anything from advice and direction to emotional support and a shoulder to lean on. For the first time in a while, It no longer felt as if she was alone in her journey. 

Looking into the future, Ashley feels laser-focused in her vision 

Where she once felt lost in the dark, Ashley now has a clear path moving forward with her businesses. 

She’s learned how to carve the pathway for a business that feels good and leads to more powerful results. What may have once felt chaotic and overwhelming is now feeling more purposeful and organic. 

“I feel like I’m more intentional and proactive with stepping stones that are leading to an actual target." 

Ashley has also learned the importance of knowing when to ask for help. 

In a quest to minimize burnout, Ashley hired a virtual assistant. She wanted someone to have her back and lend a helping hand with her growing to-do list. 

In delegating some of her tasks, Ashley could stay laser-focused in her vision and remain in her zone of genius. She’s hoping to put the work in now so that she can relax more and work less down the road. 

What’s next? 

Looking into the future, Ashley has no shortage of awesome plans for her business. 

She plans to grow her membership, get a podcast out into the world, and organize more social proof for her businesses. 

Until then, Ashley’s going to focus on nurturing her membership and making her community a warm and beautiful place to be. While business may ebb and flow, Ashley feels confident in the direction she’s heading. 

“I have so much gratitude for where I’m at and I have faith in where I’m going."

With her compassion, fierce motivation, and zest for all things magic, we’re certain Ashley’s future is as bright as she is.