Workshops Over Webinars: A Conversation With Angela

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By Jenn Monaghan 

Since joining Sale-A-Day in January, Angela has released 3 Mini Workshops into the world. Angela tells us how her Mini Workshop journey came to be, why she favors workshops over webinars, and the secret to selling workshop tickets as an introvert.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa 
Business: The Biokinetic K-9 
Latest Mini Workshop: The K-9 Athlete Workshop

Meet Angela.

Angela lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband. 

Angela is a self-professed introvert. Even so, she speaks with the utmost confidence and a contagious passion. When she’s talking about the things she loves, she lights up the room with infectious energy. 

Before beginning her work with dogs, Angela taught both high school and hospitality students. She loves to delve into the “why” of life, and she’s continued that curiosity with one of her biggest passions: animals. 

In particular, Angela has a deep-rooted admiration for dogs. If you were to meet her, she might even tell you that she prefers dogs to humans. (And, really, can we blame her?) 

Before joining Sale-A-Day, Angela was feeling lost in her business.

While she felt sure of her teaching abilities, it was the notion of having to sell her expertise that stopped her in her tracks. 

With Mini Workshops, Angela loved the notion of removing selling from the equation. Unlike the webinars Angela has watched in the past, it was important to her that she didn’t have to sell or put pressure on her attendees. 

“With the webinars that you see online, you can see right through the whole process — there’s going to be so much information and then there’s going to be a sale’s pitch” 

Instead of selling, Angela wanted to focus her time and energy on what she was there to do in the first place: teach. With so many years of dog training under her belt, Angela was eager to pass her knowledge on to others. 

So, she pushed herself outside of her comfort zone and joined Sale-A-Day in January. It was time to get started. 

pictured above: Angela and her husband

Angela got to work and created her very first workshop. 

She decided to launch this Mini Workshop as a result of her own experience: her dog became injured and she didn’t know what to do.

Once her pup was on the mend, Angela wasn’t sure how to introduce her back into her usual training routine. While she could research this topic online, it didn't feel as reassuring as learning from a professional firsthand. 

This experience led her to the perfect topic for her very first workshop. 

Just as any workshop newbie would, Angela felt nervous as her first live workshop loomed around the corner. In launching to an almost entirely cold audience, she wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of sales. 

And still, she pushed forward and delivered an incredible first workshop. 

This workshop sold nearly 30 tickets. 

Angela was thrilled with these results.

Not only did her audience love it, but her workshop also cemented the fact that she was moving forward in the right direction. This felt like the sign Angela had been waiting to find. 

Once Angela's workshop was over, her audience wanted even more from her. 

So she went back to the drawing board and launched a brand new workshop. She created a new topic, developed new content, and applied what she learned from her previous workshop. 

In the end, Angela sold 15 tickets for her second workshop.  

While Angela was pleased with these results, she wasn’t ready to slow down yet. After all, she was on a roll, and she felt keen to dive into her next workshop.

Even with two workshops under her belt, nothing could have prepared Angela for what happened next…

In her third Mini Workshop, Angela sold 102 tickets. 

Angela was over-the-moon excited about this result. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine selling over 100 tickets in any of her workshops. 

But for Angela, this workshop extended beyond just ticket sales — it was a way to learn more about her audience and how they may want to continue working with her. 

“My Mini Workshop helped me identify what people want. My backend membership was a huge thing with a lot of information. From there, I’ve taken it and drilled it down — now I offer a program that’s not as big as a membership.”

These findings were instrumental in determining how Angela could best serve her audience after her workshop. To Angela, it finally felt like her path forward had been illuminated. 

pictured above: a glimpse into Angela's sales page 

Angela's workshops gave her the confidence she needed in her business

Hosting and delivering a live workshop is no easy feat. 

As a self-professed introvert, the thought of doing so once made Angela feel queasy. But with three awesome workshops under her belt, Angela began to feel a heightened sense of confidence in her abilities.

When her nerves inevitability began to creep in, she'd practice a strategy she's relied on since her teaching days: focusing on one single student. 

“When speaking to my students, I never spoke to a group of people. I always spoke to a person.” 

In focusing on just one student at a time, Angela found it easier to calm her nerves. She'd forget that she was teaching a group of 15, 25, or 100 and would channel her energy to a singular person. 

This granted Angela the ability to speak calmly, passionately, and confidently to her students. Just like that, those pre-workshop jitters were ushered to the backburner, and Angela could be present with her students. 

Pictured above: Angela and her son, Kain, at a family lunch 

Reflecting on her year, Angela feels grateful for how far she’s come. 

With Sale-A-Day, Angela has grown comfortable in taking the road less traveled. She finally feels like she can give herself permission to do what feels like the right next step for her. 

Angela opened up about how much she has grown as a person in the last year. After all, her Mini Workshop isn’t just about generating income — it’s so much more than that. 

“I’ve grown. I’ve managed to increase my income. But I’ve also managed to increase my knowledge and awareness of myself, my program, and my community.” 

Reading through her story, Angela tells us how she never would have thought about doing the things she's doing now. She was going down the traditional path, and she felt as though she was struggling. 

When Angela looks to her future, she feels like she's soaring in the right direction. 

With so much promise and excitement on the horizon, we can’t wait to see where 2022 takes Angela and The Biokinetic K-9.