Creating a Longterm Asset: A Conversation With Anthony

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By Jenn Monaghan

After joining Sale-A-Day, Anthony delivered Plan Your Career Pivot to a live audience. Since this launch, Anthony has been enjoying the perks of having a long-term asset and finding balance in his business. He breaks down a realistic look at the impact of building out a live workshop and how it helped him find joy and freedom in his own career.

Location: New York City 
Business: Untamed Career
Mini Workshop: Plan Your Career Pivot 

Meet Anthony.

Anthony lives in the Big Apple with his wife and his dog. 

Despite living in the world's busiest city, Anthony radiates calm energy. He speaks from the heart and has a zest for life that is undeniably contagious. If you've ever listened to him speak, you know what we're talking about. 

Before diving into his own venture, Anthony worked in the corporate world. Over the course of a few years, he went back and forth on one singular question: should I stay or should I go? 

After much thought, Anthony made a bold move to leave the corporate world altogether. It was time to do something he'd been dreaming of for a while and launch his business. 

In Untamed Career, Anthony helps define and locate careers that bring joy 

As a Career Satisfaction Coach, Anthony is passionate about navigating a joyful career. 

If you were to speak with Anthony, he would tell you that our careers should add joy to our lives. On top of joy, our careers should allow the best parts of ourselves to shine. 

While this may feel unrealistic to some, Anthony is living proof that it's possible. 

Drawing from his own experiences and the knowledge he's gained along the way, Anthony teaches his clients how to define a joyful career and make it a reality. His goal is to help his clients bid farewell to burnout and wake up feeling excited about their jobs. 

Before joining Sale-A-Day Anthony was working almost exclusively in a one-on-one capacity. 

Although he loved his intimate client work, it wasn't all fun and games. Like so many entrepreneurs today, Anthony found his work schedule to sometimes lack balance and security.

Some weeks were overflowing with clients and Anthony felt burnt out. Other weeks were spent questioning when and where his next client would stem from. 

“I was alternating between drowning in too much 1:1 client work or wondering where my next client would come from...It was very boom and bust.” 

For Anthony, this made him feel uneasy. The imbalance of his schedule began weighing on Anthony and he knew that change was looming around the corner. 

It was time to take matters into his own hands and make that change a reality. 

Anthony joined Sale-A-Day in August of 2020  

In joining Sale-A-Day, Anthony strove to improve his business model: he wanted to streamline his expertise and create more freedom in his business. 

This is where his Mini Workshop came into play. 

“I realized that it would be really nice not to have to wonder where my next client was coming from. I also found the potential of doing group work to be an appealing addition to my business."

With a Mini Workshop, Anthony loved that he could package his expertise into a small workshop. In addition to meeting with his clients 1:1, he could offer a group teaching option. 

It was time for Anthony to get to work on his first Mini Workshop. 

Anthony's first workshop was called Irresistible Resume 

Before joining Sale-A-Day, Anthony was no stranger to workshops. 

In fact, he launched and delivered his first workshop before he joined Sale-A-Day. While Anthony felt positive about his first workshop experience, he noticed that the conversations in his workshop didn't lead to the right place. 

It became clear to Anthony that his audience desired a one-stop-shop — they wanted to collect their resume and be on their way. 

"They picked up the workshop because they needed a resume now and wanted to be in a job today.”

They didn’t have the time nor the patience to have the conversations that Anthony was hoping to stimulate. 

Ever the optimist, Anthony didn’t let this get him down. He got into planning mode, put his head down, and got to work. 

The wheels for Anthony's second workshop were officially in motion 

With grit and determination, Anthony was determined to create an awesome workshop. 

This time around, he wanted to focus on delivering a workshop that would act as a natural lead-in to his bigger offer. With the help of Mini Workshop Magic and the support of the community, Plan Your Career Pivot was born. 

For this workshop, Anthon followed the process exactly as it was laid out in Mini Workshop. While he struggled with the art of perfectionism and cramming his expertise into one product, he pushed past these initial roadblocks. 

Anthony delivered Plan Your Career Pivot in the Spring of 2021

From beginning to end, 26 awesome humans registered for his workshop. 

Anthony loved that he was able to connect with his audience in a way that felt special and intimate—despite the group setting. 

This connection meant a lot to Anthony. It also meant that referrals would soon become an important source of sales for his business. 

“I thrived making individual connections —so much so that people brought their friends and family to my workshop. 54% of people were referrals."

While Anthony was pleased with his first live session of Plan Your Career Pivot, he was eager to film the second live session. He brainstormed some ideas, made some tweaks, and channeled calm energies. 

With these revisions, Anthony hosted a killer live session of Plan Your Career Pivot  

With one session under his belt, Anthony was able to relax and have fun in the second delivery of his workshop. 

He let go of his nerves. He put a curb on perfectionism. He genuinely had fun and so did his attendees. And while Anthony knew this workshop was a hit, he wasn't prepared for the impact his workshop would have on his audience. 

“I knew a workshop would help to expand my reach. But, I was surprised at how deeply people’s lives would transform.”

Of course, this was music to Anthony's ears — all he wanted was to help his clients navigate a healthy career path. But it also confirmed that Plan Your Career Pivot was the right workshop for evergreen. 

But first, it was time to take a breather. 

Before moving on to the next step of his workshop journey, Anthony took a week's vacation 

As a self-professed introvert, Anthony knew that he needed a break after his workshop deliveries. 

With a busy schedule ahead, he planned some me-time before things got busy. He went to his family's lakehouse, kicked back, and took time to celebrate his hard work.

Coming back to the city, he got straight to work on evergreening his workshop. He knew the power this asset would carry and he wanted to make it available to his audience as quickly as possible. 

“Having this recording is pretty game-changing...It’s already changed my one-on-one work. Now I have a teaching tool that accelerates the work.”

In only a short period of time, Anthony was pleased with how much his recording helped his business. Not only was it yet another product to offer his audience, but it was an awesome tool that could significantly speed up their progress. 

It was a win-win. 

Reflecting on the past year, Anthony feels grateful for where his business is at today 

Anthony feels proud of his workshop. He also feels proud of the hard-working, capable team he's built. But most of all, Anthony feels proud of the peace and balance he's found in his business.  

"I have all clients I need." 

Of course, Anthony understands that could always be doing something to grow his business — chasing the next client, building a new system, filling all of that precious whitespace in his calendar with stuff. But for now, he's reached a stable place in his business where it generates the revenue he needs while giving him the space he craves. 

He's also built an incredible team that can run his day-to-day business without his everyday intervention. Having put in the time and work, Anthony is now enjoying something he's yearned for all along: the ability to step away from his business and take time for himself. 

Cheering Anthony on from the sidelines, we couldn't be happier to see Anthony's business in such a healthy place.