Staying True to Your Values: A Conversation With Chrissy

mini workshop success story

By Jenn Monaghan 

After joining Sale-A-Day, Chrissy delivered Streamline Your Math Strategy to a live audience. For this workshop, she offered a pay-what-you-can model. She breaks down what the process looked like for her and how the Sale-A-Daycommunity helped inspire and support her along the way.

Location: Chicago 
Business: Mindful Math Coach 
Mini Workshop: Streamline Your Math Strategy 

Meet Chrissy.

Chrissy lives in Chicago with her husband and two children. 

In her business, Mindful Math Coach, Chrissy helps math educators improve their teaching and learning. Between her Mini Workshop and her weekly podcast, she knows a thing or two about teaching her craft. 

To Chrissy, her work is about so much more than just cashing in a paycheck. 

Chrissy truly cares about the teachers and leaders she works with — and the students they serve. Not only does she want to streamline and improve mathematical learning, but she also wants to make it more accessible. 

In Mindful Math Coach, Chrissy specializes in working with middle school and high school math educators. She also targets schools serving primarily students of color as well as schools with a high percentage of students with unfinished learning. 

Before joining Sale-A-Day, the majority of Chrissy's income stemmed from 1:1 work

While Chrissy enjoyed her 1:1 coaching and consulting, she strove to find a more group-friendly approach to her teaching. 

And, after buying ClickGoLive from Justin, the idea of a workshop began seriously toying on Chrissy’s mind. 

“I had never wanted the one-to-one to be my model. I’ve always wanted it to be more courses or group coaching." 

While Chrissy had been considering a workshop for years, there was always something holding her back.

When she came across Mini Workshop Magic, something clicked. Chrissy felt that this could be just the bite-sized path she needed to create a valuable asset for her business. 

Chrissy joined Sale-A-Day in April of 2021

She wanted to move quickly, and she didn’t waste any time transforming her ideas into action. Chrissy launched her very first Mini Workshop, in her very first month in Sale-A-Day

This is where Streamline Your Math Strategy was born. 

With this workshop, Chrissy offered a pay-what-you-can model ($7, $27, or $47) for her attendees. After all, making her workshop accessible was important to Chrissy. 

“I did the pay-what-you-can model because my assumption was that some people would be paying out-of-pocket. And, I didn’t believe that educators should have to do that.” 

This aligned strongly with her desire to provide high-quality professional development at a more variable price point. For Chrissy, remaining true to her values along the way was crucial. 

In launching her first workshop, Chrissy yearned to keep it simple 

To start, Chrissy chose a topic that felt easy and natural to her. 

From there, she invited her audience and crafted a simple sales page for her workshop. To help mitigate pressure along the way, Chrissy found it helpful to think of her workshop as a test. 

“Sarah and Justin gave me permission to think of my workshop as a beta...It helped me to move forward and so I made a lot of stuff up as I went.”  

This mindset helped Chrissy get her Mini Workshop out into the world.

Instead of fixating on the small details, she could move through the process in a timely manner.

pictured above: a glimpse into Chrissy's sales page 

Chrissy wanted to capitalize on her momentum and accelerate her workshop timeline 

As was the case for many, the pandemic placed financial pressure on Chrissy and her family.

She felt an added responsibility to generate revenue from her business. And yet, Chrissy remained true to her values: she strove to generate income in a way that aligned with her morals and her quest for freedom.

“I want to [generate revenue] in a way that gives me freedom in my time and respects and honors the reason I did this in the first place.”

To expand her product suite, Chrissy decided to create a backend offer for her workshop. 

This is how Math Coach Circle was born 

This is something that Chrissy had dreamed of creating for two years. Finally, she was ready to make it a reality.

After attending her Mini Workshop, Chrissy would invite her attendees into her new 10-month membership program. Her goal was to provide her members with everything from live training and coaching to guidance and support. 

 Chrissy knew that it was the right time to bring this membership into the world. And with school ending in a few weeks, Chrissy wanted to nail the timing of her membership launch. 

But first, Chrissy had to deliver her first workshop. 

pictured above: Chrissy and her husband 

From beginning to end, 43 awesome humans signed up for Streamline Your Math Strategy

Chrissy had a solid first workshop—and within a month, she had four people sign up for her membership. 

To Chrissy, this was just the reassurance she needed in her business. 

“I’ve felt a shift in my momentum and my confidence from having wins. So, it’s been really great.” 

While Chrissy was pleased with these internal wins, her workshop was so much more than that...

The revenue from Chrissy's Mini Workshop and membership allowed her to cover an entire mortgage payment. This meant a lot to Chrissy — It showed her that staying true to her values and providing for her family is possible. 

Nowadays, Chrissy feels a greater sense of confidence in her offers 

Reflecting on her journey, it's clear to Chrissy how far she's come in her business. 

In witnessing how Sarah and Justin conduct their business, Chrissy began to reevaluate her own business model. After giving so much of her time and energy away for free, she knew that it was time to shift her perspective. 

“I felt like I got permission to stop doing everything for free and stop giving so much time.” 

 Not only was this financially rewarding, but it also gave Chrissy a new zest and belief in her business. 

Chrissy is now using her workshop recording to her best advantage

Since launching Streamline Your Math Strategy, Chrissy has been focused on creating more passive income in her business. 

She's been taking advantage of her Streamline Your Math Strategy recording (now an evergreen workshop) and using it as a springboard for her backend programs for math coaches and instructional leaders. 

“Justin pointed out that if I have this asset, why not try to get more people through it?” 

With her Mini Workshop and her membership, Chrissy can continue generating revenue in a way that feels right to her.