Starting Small: A Conversations With Jodi and Darryl

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By Jenn Monaghan

Jodi and Darryl are what we like to call a power duo. First and foremost, they’re wonderful humans who are looking to make the world a better place. And second, they’re dynamic business partners who have developed a thriving and feel-good referral business. Jodi and Darryl share why starting with a small audience can actually be a good thing, the importance of workshop iteration, and how they've kept their sense of self along the way.

Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia 
Business: The Trust Method 
Mini Workshop: Referrals on Repeat 

Meet Jodi and Darryl 

Jodi and Darryl live in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

They have been married for 20 years and they have two awesome kids - a teen boy and a girl. When they're not hiking, working on a project around the house, or volunteering with their local church, they're workin' on their biz. 

In The Truth Method, they teach their clients how to organically bring clients into their calendar by humanizing the Client Acquisition & Retention process that results in sales and a tribe of loyal customers.

So how did they get involved in the world of referrals? 

Like any good story, it all started in Mexico. 

Jodi and Darryl traveled to Mexico and started volunteering for a nonprofit organization. They found an awesome charity that made it really easy for foreigners to travel to Mexico, get off the plane, and find volunteer work all the while vacationing. 

To Jodi and Darryl, the whole thing felt pretty genius. 

Once they returned home, they began thinking about the concept of sharing good things: if everyone actually knew about this charity and how accessible it was to foreign travelers, wouldn’t more people feel inclined to volunteer?

This is where the idea of referral-based business stemmed from 

A few years later, The Trust Method was up and running. 

With the Trust Method, Jodi and Darryl help their clients see the bigger picture of how their expertise can help more people.

They teach their clients (mainly service providers and coaches) how to take their expertise and turn it into a shareable and more referable business. Rather than educating their audience on how to ask for referrals, they coach their audience on building lifelong and meaningful relationships with their customer base. 

Like the nonprofit in Mexico, Jodi and Darryl wanted to find a simple way to share awesome opportunities with the world. 

In August of 2020, Jodi and Darryl hopped into Sale-A-Day 

First, let’s just acknowledge that Jodi and Darryl are OG members — they met Sarah and Justin long before Sale-A-Day was an official company (and they’ve purchased products from them before). 

Even before joining Sale-A-Day, Jodi and Darryl felt aligned with Sarah and Justin’s business model. After all, they continuously preached what Jodi and Darryl have been saying all along: that building a successful business and staying true to your values is possible. 

“Justin was a good push for us to have that acceptance of ‘this is who we are, this is who we serve and this is why it’s okay.” 

So they hopped into Sale-A-Day and got to work — it was officially time to create their very own Mini Workshop. 

A Mini Workshop felt like a new and refreshing opportunity 

Thanks to 5 Days and Done and Mini Workshop Magic, it didn’t take long for Jodi and Darryl to wrap their head around Mini Workshops. 

With a Mini Workshop, Jodi and Darryl felt as if they’d be given a whole new vehicle for their business. They loved that a Mini Workshop could be so simple and stress-free — it didn’t need to have a thousand dollar price tag nor did it require a big promise. 

“This was the first time we were almost given the permission to create something small — that doing that was okay. Up until then, we just felt like we had to give so so much.” 

Unlike a sales call, they appreciated how a Mini Workshop could be a fun, low-pressure way to connect with their people and start generating sales. It didn't feel like they were being pushy or forceful with their audience—and this was important to them. 

With a small and relatively risk-free price tag, Jodi and Darryl were eager to begin building a list of buyers. 

But first, it was time to confront one itsy-bitsy roadblock...

Jodi and Darryl were starting out with virtually no audience. 

They didn't have an established list of buyers. They didn't have a group on social media complete with hundreds of raving fans. There was no pre-existing audience waiting for their next offer. After all, they were testing out an offer in a niche they'd yet to work in. 

“We had almost zero audience, no list, and only worked locally in around our own city for over 10 years.” 

But, like any good entrepreneur, they refused to let this roadblock prevent them from moving forward. So, they turned what many business owners see as a weakness into a strength: the power of having a small audience.

If they could secure a handful of buyers and truly help them, their business could survive. 

Just like that, Referrals on Repeat was born 

This was the very first workshop that Jodi and Darryl put out into the world. 

They didn’t have a backend offer, a bump, or an established audience of buyers awaiting their next offer. But they had an idea and they wanted to run with it. 

“We had zero expectations. I knew I wasn’t gonna sell 200 tickets like I saw other people doing. So, I just stopped the comparison game.” 

Jodi and Darryl felt confident that if they could help just one or two people, that would be enough to get started. They didn’t need to sell hundreds of tickets to validate their topic or generate a month’s worth of sales. 

They took the start of their business one person at a time. 

A dozen humans purchased Referrals on Repeat  

From having virtually zero audience to a small list of buyers, this felt like an awesome first win for Jodi and Darryl

After all, they understood how the start of a small business works: a handful of buyers slowly but surely had the power to transform into something much bigger. 

“One person that understands what you do can turn into two, three, four, and five. and it’s just a process that we really had to be patient with.” 

Jodi and Darryl were thrilled with the results —they had successfully launched and delivered their first workshop in a new niche. And on top of that, their audience enjoyed the workshop and had plenty of positive feedback for them.

Even still, they knew there was room for improvement. With a few tweaks, they knew they could make their workshop even better in the future.  

After a successful launch, It was time to go back to the drawing board with Referrals on Repeat

Jodi and Darryl knew this wasn’t going to be a one-and-done product — so they reached out to their audience using VideoAsk to learn more. 

They wanted to collect the basics: why did they come, what did they learn, and what are they excited to do next. They took this feedback, trimmed their material, and restructured their workshop. This is a process Jodi and Darryl would repeat a handful of times before settling on the right version. 

“We launched our workshop 3 times to get a product we are proud it. It took many hours to get to that, feedback from students, wording changes, and no doubt we see an upgrade in the future again.” 

For Jodi and Darryl, this is where having a small audience has proved to be a major asset in their business — they loved that they could have deep conversations with their audience and, in turn, create a product that truly helped generate results. 

Next up on the to-do list was continuing to fill one of their signature offers 

After landing on the final version of their workshop, it was time to launch their coaching membership.

The goal of their membership was to better support and connect with their attendees. They wanted to provide a space where they could continue and deepen the conversations they were having in Referrals on Repeat.

"There's a second group of people who truly want someone to walk beside them and that's where we've always seen our membership - it's a coaching membership."

In their membership, Jodi and Darryl teach their clients how to build a word-of-mouth business they feel confident to share. 

They reinstate that it's not just about asking for the referrals or getting referrals, but understanding the unique message to share about your business, creating a message that your perfect customer needs to hear from you, and giving others the simple tools to tell more people about your business. 

Jodi and Darryl launched their membership to an initial group of 6 students 

Just like with Referrals on Repeat, they didn’t see having a smaller membership as a disadvantage.

In fact, they leveraged their smaller audience to build an even more powerful membership. They had deeper conversations, nurtured close relationships, and had the opportunity to help their members to a higher degree. 

“I feel with like a smaller audience you can have better touchpoints, you can have those unscalable conversations easier. You really have an opportunity to showcase your values inside even those tiny little conversations.” 

Since this initial membership launch, Jodi and Darryl have grown their membership exponentially. They now have 75 students and a happy community of people who are eager to learn from them. 

Nowadays, Jodi and Darryl's vision is no longer just a dream 

Despite a few speedbumps along the way, Jodi and Darryl have officially made their dream come true. 

They now have an awesome Mini Workshop, a thriving membership, and a strategy for helping the world build a more shareable business. At the end of the day, they had created a solid plan for moving forward in their business. 

“Now we have a vision, a mission and people can communicate it— they can see it, they can feel it and they can experience it. And more people get to be helped because of it.”   

Had Jodi and Darryl kept their ideas in their head and let their mistakes overtake them, none of this would have been possible. Instead, they took a leap of faith, battled some roadblocks along the way, and came out on top. 

So what’s next for Jodi and Darryl? 

Having gone through the process of evergreening their workshop, Referrals on Repeat is now available to purchase anytime. 

Nowadays, Jodi and Darryl are in the midst of creating a new Mini Workshop. While Referrals on Repeat was great for getting the conversation started, they realized that their new workshop may align even better with the upgrade path to their membership. 

As always, Jodi and Darryl are tweaking their workshop and their membership to ensure that it’s constantly evolving. 

We love watching Jodi and Darryl grow and evolve their business and we feel so grateful to be part of their journey. Onwards and upwards!