Using Workshops to Build Trust: A Conversation With Sandra

success story

By Jenn Monaghan 

Sandra eats, sleeps, and breathes community engagement. She’s been an entrepreneur for 17 years and she’s the proud owner and operator of Engaged Groups — a blossoming business where she helps course, membership, and workshop owners grow and engage their online communities. She walks us through how she got involved in community engagement, why Mini Workshops appealed to her, and her secret to converting such a high number of workshop attendees into her membership. 

Location: Ontario, Canada 
Business: Engaged Groups 
Mini Workshops: 
Challenge Workshop, Plan Your 2021 Launch Calendar, Grow Your Group, Wake Up Your Dead Facebook Group

Meet Sandra. 

Sandra lives in Ontario with her family.

She loves cracking jokes and making the people around her laugh. As it turns out, she’s pretty dang good at it, too. 

Sandra has been an entrepreneur for 17 years. She’s a community expert, launch coach, and all-around class clown. When she’s not teaching her clients how to grow their online communities, you can find her fulfilling her thirst for adventure. Whether it’s white water rafting, hiking, camping or just being in the pool, Sandra’s happy place lies in the great outdoors.  

Before taking the leap into entrepreneurship, Sandra worked for a team where she became known as the resident community engagement expert. She’s helped her clients with anything from building a membership and a course to facilitating launches and creating tight-knit Facebook communities. 

Sandra joined Sale-A-Day in August of 2020. 

But, let’s rewind for a minute…

It all started when she heard Justin speak about Mini Workshops at a virtual event. 

As someone who was familiar with designing courses, Sandra loved the simplicity in which Justin spoke of Mini Workshops. Rather than focusing on the bells and whistles, she loved that a Mini Workshop could be simple

Unlike a traditional launch, she wouldn’t have to spend months creating eye-catching slides or stringing together endless pieces of content. She could transfer the ideas that were in her brain into a paid workshop and help her audience quickly

“What I really wanted was to get it out of my brain and into a system for everyone.” 

So, Sandra got to work on creating her workshop. 

Unlike most Mini Workshop newbies, she didn’t have to think twice about what her topic would be — it would be the Challenge Workshop. 

Sandra created her workshop based on a challenge she had run in the past 

The people who had taken Sandra’s challenge loved it. 

Not only did they enjoy the challenge, but they wanted in on her secrets — how did she manage to upgrade 142 people into her membership from the 998 people in the challenge?

They wanted to know how she laid it out, how she planned it, and what she did to make it so successful. 

“My audience was asking me what I did to make it so successful and impactful. I was thinking about creating a course but I had promised myself that I would take time off after the launch.” 

Sandra made a rule for herself: it had to be simple. After all, it was summertime in Ontario and her son was home from school — she refused to sign herself up for yet another stressful, time-consuming launch. 

She sent a few emails about her workshop, posted on Facebook a couple of times, and resisted the urge to overcomplicate her launch.

And it worked — 69 people registered!

She loved the interactions that she had with her attendees and everyone was incredibly engaged with her content.

Afterward, she hosted a pop-up Facebook group where she continued to connect with her members, answered their questions, and applauded their wins. And, because Sandra knows a thing or two about creating an engaging product, the fun didn’t stop there. 

A few months later, Sandra bundled this workshop with a few other products she had and sold another 54 workshops.

She also made this workshop available for every person in her membership — this helped to increase retention and sold more spots in her membership down the road.  

After her first workshop, Sandra wasn’t ready to slow down 

Once her first workshop was under wraps, she launched three more workshops— Plan Your 2021 Launch Calendar, Grow Your Group, and Wake Up Your Dead Facebook Group. 

Like a seasoned pro, Sandra used her workshops as a means of filling her courses and her membership. And now that she has several workshops under her belt, she’s running like a well-oiled machine. 

When she reflects on how Mini Workshops have changed her business, she keeps coming back to one simple concept: trust. 

Her workshops have allowed first-time clients to build a critical level of trust with her. Because so many of her leads are from a cold audience, the notion of trust is important to her. 

That first-time customer often turned into a repeat customer. 

Her workshop also gave her audience a glimpse into what it would be like to work with her more personally.

She was able to share her value and gives her clients a quick win — all at a reasonable price and within a short timespan. 

“A number of people who bought the Challenge Workshop from me then bought my signature program or joined my mastermind.” 

It was a win-win. 

Her workshop was also a simple way to expand and grow her following. She loved that her Mini Workshop connected her to an entirely new audience. She had people purchasing her workshop all over the globe — from the UK and North America to Australia and Asia. 

Her Mini Workshops are so much more than just cash flow 

Of course, there's no denying that a Mini Workshop is a simple way to generate cash flow. 

But for Sandra, her Mini Workshops have introduced her as a well regarded specialist in her niche. She now had a global audience who regards her as their go-to community engagement expert. 

“When you put out a Mini Workshop, you automatically get the distinguished title of being that expert in that thing.” 

Although they'd never met before, Sandra’s attendees trusted her with their time and money—and that meant a lot to her. 

To Sandra, that feeling of a stranger putting their trust in her will never get old. Next to her morning coffee, this is what fuels her excitement for the workday ahead. 

With four workshops under her belt, what’s on the horizon for Sandra? 

First things first, Sandra plans to schedule some consistent days off and give herself a break over summer vacation — a true taste of freedom for a buzzing entrepreneur. 

In terms of her workshop agenda, Sandra may redo some old workshops before diving into new content. After that, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before we see yet another best-selling workshop from Sandra.  

We can't wait to see what's around the corner for Sandra and her thriving Mini Workshop collection.