The Joy of Putting Yourself Out There: A Conversation With Katerina

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By Jenn Monaghan 

Katerina hopped into The Challenge and launched The Effortless Cooking Workshop shortly after. Joining us from her Welsh kitchen, she walks us through what she loves about Mini Workshops, the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone and how she managed to get her work featured in one of the UK’s most prominent newspapers.

Location: North Wales, UK  
Business: The Intuitive Cook 
Latest Mini Workshop: The Effortless Cooking Workshop 

Meet Katerina.  

Katerina lives in rural Wales with her husband. 

Having spent many years traveling the world for work, she now lives for the simple things in life: good food, good company, and the unmatched companionship of animals. 

As a fierce and passionate home cook, Katerina loves real food. If you were to step into her kitchen, you’d feel the warmth and joy emulating from every nook and cranny within. Even joining her virtually, it felt like I had been invited to her kitchen table to chat about life, enjoy a glass of red, and indulge in a tasty, warm shakshouka dish.

Some people and places just exude warmth and authenticity — Katerina and her kitchen are two of them. 

Day-to-day, Katerina runs a brick-and-mortar food shop with her husband. In spending her days surrounded by bountiful food and conversing with customers, the wheels started turning in her head. What if she could take what she knows about food, and teach others how to fall in love with simple, uncomplicated cooking? 

Like clockwork, Katerina was greeted by an ad online for short virtual workshops.  

Katerina purchased Mini Workshop Magic in 2021 and, after launching a few interactions of her workshop, joined the Launch It challenge

At first, Katerina didn’t actually plan to launch a workshop in The Challenge.

She’d already launched a workshop in April of 2021 and a second iteration of that workshop in October. This time around, she wanted to take a back seat and watch the process unfold— a fly on the wall, if you will. 

A few days into The Challenge, Katerina’s watch from the sidelines plan came to a halt. 

“I got really swept away in the energy of The Challenge. So, I decided to launch a workshop anyways.” 

Just like that, Katerina was back in the workshop game and getting ready to launch yet another iteration of her workshop. This is where The Effortless Cooking Workshop was reborn. 

In The Effortless Cooking Workshop, Katerina teaches frustrated home cooks how to use their intuition when cooking 

Katerina grew up surrounded by beautiful food from a young age. Inspired by her family, she developed a knack for cooking and a love for creating wholesome, simple meals. 

But, unlike so many home cooks, Katerina didn’t rely on polished recipes to create a mouthwatering dish — she’d scour the fridge, briefly make not of her options and get cookin’. It all felt really simple — intuitive even. 

“I noticed how people wern’t only comment on the food, they were commenting on how I wasn’t stressed, how I wasn’t flustered, how I was chatting and drinking wine and just kind of cooking on the side.” 

With The Effortless Cooking Workshop, Katerina wants to teach others how to do the same — to listen to their gut, make use of what they already have, and genuinely enjoy the experience of preparing food.  

In other words, Katerina wanted to bring the joy back into cooking—without the need for flashy, complicated recipes. 

Katerina launched The Effortless Cooking Workshop in December… 

For this workshop, Katerina promised herself that she would keep the process simple. 

She didn’t want to spend months on end prepping for a stressful and complicated launch — so she launched on social media, sent one email to her list, and got ready to deliver her live workshop. 

Even with minimal prep work, her small but mighty launch was a success. 

"I ended up with 25 sales and 15 live attendees. I was very happy.” 

Just like that, Katerina had sold more tickets to her workshop than she ever had.  Looking into the future, it felt like she was getting a handle on how this whole workshop thing worked. 

In March of 2022, Katerina was gearing up to launch yet another workshop

It had been a few months since her last workshop and she felt ready to dive back into the workshop world. 

In this workshop, she sent 5 email sequences to promote her workshop. Just like with her last workshop, she wanted to keep things simple — in tending to her shop during the day, she didn’t have the space for a complicated, stressful launch. 

From beginning to end, Katerina sold 12 tickets to this workshop. 

In light of her last workshop, Katerina was hoping to sell more tickets this time around — but what happened next was even better than selling a handful more tickets. 

In pushing herself outside of her comfort zone, something unexpected (and kind of incredible) happened post-workshop. But, let’s rewind for a second… 

Before delivering her workshop, Katerina went out on a whim and invited an established journalist to attend her live workshop

While she didn’t expect this to translate into anything, she figured she might as well try pushing herself outside of her comfort zone — sort of like a challenge. 

Much to her surprise, the journalist accepted her invitation. Not only did she join her workshop live, but she asked Katerina if she could interview her after her workshop — she wanted to get to know more about Katerina’s cooking approach — she felt like there was a story there. 

With glee, Katerina accepted her interview invitation. 

“I framed my pitch around the idea that there is a movement coming together around recipe-free cooking.” 

To Katerina, the whole experience felt too good to be true. When she found out that her workshop story would actually be published in The Guardian, she was over the moon. This was, after all, a major Uk newspaper. 

In preparing for the feature, there was one thing Katerina wanted to cross off her to-do list: it was time to evergreen her workshop. Once her feature went live, she wanted her workshop recording to be available for purchase —anywhere and anytime. 

Katerina’s workshop story was published in The Guardian in May 

Seeing the publication for the first time, Katerina was ecstatic — her feature was even larger than she imagined, and seeing her photo next to one of her heroes was thrilling. 

In the span of only a few hours, Katerina’s website traffic skyrocketed. Six days after publication, Katerina had 1.8k website hits, 280 new leads, and 13 new workshop sales. 

“It’s turned out, you know, better than I ever could have dreamed.” 

Katerina was thrilled with the results, but the experience wasn’t just about gaining more followers and increasing her revenue — it was so much more than that. 

It cemented in Katerina the importance of putting yourself out there — ”if you don’t ask, you won’t receive”, she notes. It gave her a sense of confidence in her workshop and, despite not being a trained chef, a sense of confidence in herself as a valued home cook. 

Reflecting on the last 6 months, Katerina feels grateful for the community she’s found in Sale-A-Day 

When you’re building an online business, it’s easy to channel your focus to numbers and growth. 

In the last several months, Katerina has accomplished so much more than just selling tickets to her workshop — she’s shared her fierce love of cooking, she’s taught aspiring chefs how to prepare meals using intuition, she’s had her work featured in a real-life newspaper. 

When she looks back at the last six months, Katerina feels especially grateful for the Sale-A-Day community. 

“I love the community — that’s something that really jumps out at me.” 

In being surrounded by like-minded members, Katerina loves that she can learn from and get inspired by other members. After all, there’s a power in accomplishing tasks together as a team and working towards a common goal. 

What’s next for Katerina and The Intuitive Cook?  

Looking into the future, Katerina’s excited to dig even further into the Sale-A-Day material.

She wants to use her press feature to her advantage and find a way to get her workshop in front of more people. On the backend, she’s toying with the idea of a cooking membership and seeing where life takes The Intuitive Cook from there. 

Just like her workshop, we’re certain this will steer her towards something pretty dang awesome.