The Process

Watch what we’re doing in real-time to grow our freedom-focused business

Literally — we’ll give you a front row seat to our brainstorming conversations, launch debriefs, marketing decisions, funnel numbers, and everything else. 

Subscribers have said it’s the most helpful thing they’ve ever been a part of. ‘Cause they’re not getting polished packaged trainings — they’re seeing what how a real freedom-based online business operates.

And when you join The Process, you not only get access to what we’re doing in real-time to grow our business, but now you also get:

Our help in implementing The Process of ANY of our offers.

Whether you’ve purchased Mini Workshop Magic, Money Making Replays, Instant Workshop Upgrades, any of our Money Making Template drops, or any of our other products, we’re standing by ready to help you see results with it.

Every week, Sarah and I are making ourselves available to you on live calls that accommodate all time zones. 

Everything from any of our products is on the table for us to help you with.

And it’s just $99 / mt. 

But we thought it would be fun to give ya a little sample before committing to anything long term.

So your first week is just $1.

In that time, if you say “this is epic, I want to stick around”, then after 7 days you’ll be charged $99 each month you stay. 

But if in your first 7 days you find this isn’t for you, no worries. You can cancel anytime.

There’s no pressure to stick around past that first $1 trial week. 

Most people do, though. Because there’s nothing else like it out there.

Either way, we’d love to have you hop into The Process with us.


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We asked current subscribers to describe The Process and share what benefits they get from being a part of it. These are their unfiltered responses.


Get a sneak peek

The exact emails we sent (and why) for a recent lazy launch that generated over $10k for an evergreen course