Low Ticket Made Easy

Turn an existing file sitting on your computer into a gotta-have-it low-ticket product — today!


We’ve sold over 22,000 copies of our low-ticket products in the last 3 years — from $27 workshops to $1 paid podcasts, $10 challenges to $147 templates.

And not only do these products bring in cash…

They’ve also brought in hundreds of clients for our bigger offers.  Because once people see how helpful our low-ticket stuff is, they naturally want to take the next step. 

The only downside? (that almost no one talks about)

Traditional low-ticket products are a lot of work!

You need a full sales page, branded graphics, and a well-produced product.

That’s why we’ve fallen in love with the “Low Ticket Made Easy” method…

  1. Take something valuable that you’ve ALREADY created — like a guide, set of prompts, spreadsheet, video training, etc.
  2. Add a casual and quick “intro” video (or just add simple written instructions)
  3. Use “hand-raiser” posts or emails to get people excited about getting access to a product from your “personal vault”
  4. Make sales with a basic checkout page or payment link (yep - no sales page needed)

This shocked us…

But we discovered people love our messy “from the vault” products even more than our polished, branded, fancy products!

So if you want to sell your own low-ticket digital product…

Skip the traditional process of building a funnel, recording modules, and creating brand-new content…

…and use the Low Ticket Made Easy method to launch your product today.

For just a single payment of $20 usd, get instant access to...

  • 20-minute walkthrough video with expert tips on how to find a ready-made product “hiding” in your Google Drive or computer folders

  • Google Doc with start-to-finish instructions, product ideas for different niches, and fill-in-the-blank templates so you can sell your product without writing a single sentence from scratch

  • Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee


Got a question?

Not sure you have an idea for a low-ticket product? 
Don’t worry! We can practically guarantee that you’ve got a best-selling product “hiding” in your computer files right this second. And we’ll help you find it! After you watch our 20-minute training and go through our list of 20 low digital ticket product examples, you’ll be overflowing with fun ideas. :)

Does this work for non-business niches?
Absolutely! We’ve helped people create low ticket digital products for pet owners, artists, parents, athletes, college students, hobby enthusiasts, and more.

Is this about creating a low-ticket product or selling it?
Both! We’ll help you find a resource you’ve already created, turn it into a low digital ticket product, and get it ready to sell in less than an hour. Then, we’re giving you fill-in-the-blank templates you can use to get your first handful of sales — with just a couple posts or emails.

Need help checking out or have another question? 
Reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to help.

Hey! 👋

We're Justin & Sarah.

We’ve sold over 22,000 low-ticket digital products over the last three years — many were files that were sitting in our Google Drive.

We’ve always liked useful resources more than complicated courses. And we followed a hunch that other people might feel the same way — turns out, they do!

If that's you too, we invite you to checkout Low Ticket Made Easy, so we can help you launch your own today.